Le Château de Vincennes is the most important French royal castle located in Vincennes, east of Paris! By the height of its dungeon of 50 meters, just restored very beautiful gaits, clear view, it is the highest fortress of plain of Europe. The castle Vincennes was erected from the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century in the Vincennes town. The Bois de Vincennes, originally Vilcena, famous for its constantly renewed landscape, its rich collections of flowers, its horticultural exhibitions and thematic gardens, is a remnant of the ancient forest belt that surrounded Lutece. The wood was reserved for royal hunts since the 11th century: the royal alley has now been restored according to the route of the royal hunts of Louis XV. Knowing that there is 2 millions naturists in France, does urban naturism become fashionable? Sunday, June 24, the First Parisian Day of Naturism at the Parc de Vincennes in a space of about 7300 m² devoted to the event, to do yoga or pic-nic…

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Le château de Vincennes : 1 Avenue de Paris – 94300 Vincennes France
Metro station: Château de Vincennes (line 1).
RER line A station: Vincennes. Tel: