The restaurant Koko Hana is a Japanese restaurant located in Paris 8th near the Champs-Elysées. This Japanese specialty restaurant on a heated table, with its cooks who are real artists who know how to prepare a delicious meal, such as: sweet sour poached foie gras with high quality ingredients or beef with mushrooms; they know how to use their utensils to grill the mushrooms directly on the plates.

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The warm atmosphere of this restaurant allows conviviality and the placement of well-spaced tables makes it possible to forget other guests. Do not be surprised to see the cook working in front of you, because the table is equipped with a cooking zone with its hood. It is the return of strong dishes with strong flavors, who are not afraid to express themselves!

Restaurant the Koko Hana Paris: 1bis, rue Jean Mermoz – 75008 Paris
Metro Station: Franklin D. Roosevelt (lines 1, 9).
Entry menu, main course and dessert from 16 euros per personne. Tél. :