Musée de l’Homme is a French National Museum heir to the Trocadero Ethnography Museum located in Paris near the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars in the chic 16th arrondissement. This museum has the most important French collections concerning the definition, life and history of man installed since 1937 in Palais de Chaillot. His galleries of Anthropology, Prehistory and Ethnology will fascinate all those interested in the human phenomenon. The Museum presents four permanent collections: The Night of the Times (the great stages of the human adventure, from the first hominids to the modern man) Six billion men (the growth of the world population, a challenge for tomorrow?)

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Musée de l’Homme: 17 Place du Trocadéro 75116 Paris
Metro station: Trocadéro (line 6).