Rue de Passy is located in Paris 16th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower, between the Place du Trocadero and the Place de la Muette on the Right Bank. It is a very commercial street where there are cafes with terraces, restaurants and many shops such as: Guerlain, Lancel, Nespresso, Sephora, Gerard Darel, Mac Douglas, Caroll, Christofle, Benetton, Morgan, Zara, Ann Tuil, Louis Pion, Marionnaud, Infinitif, Biscote, Etam, etc… And a large Passy Plaza shopping mall and a cinema.

We propose serveral hotels arround the Rue de Passy in Paris.

La Rue de Passy 75016 Paris
Metro station: Passy (line 6).